Education System In Japan



Education in Japan is not really different with Indonesia. In Japan, schooling plan are elementary (6 years) and lower secondary (3 years) also upper secondary (3 years) which is optional but most of Japanese pass it. Beside that, there are vocational educations. Most of upper secondary students, who finished the school, will continue their study at university. The schooling plan in Japan called gimukyoiku. Even they have same education system but still different. In Japan, all the educational cost will be paid by the government. From elementary until lower secondary. It’s very different in Indonesia. There is no free for education only rumor.

Actually, education in Japan is from kindergarten. The system is just like crèche. The parents who are busy with the job will send their children into kindergarten. They will come in the morning and go home in the afternoon.

Furthermore, the children will continue to the elementary school. Generally, they will go to near elementary school. Why? It is because they walk in group to go to school. Japanese children are familiar with walking to each school. The elementary students don’t bring any lunch from they house because they will get lunch from school and eat with their friends. In addition, they will get turn in cleaning rotation system. Commonly, the school will be finished in the afternoon.

All of the Japanese children will take lower secondary school because it is schooling plan of government. Enter junior high school; the student start to riding a bike to go to school. Bicycle is one of the transportation which is commonly had by Japanese.

Continuing to the upper secondary is optional. However, most of them chose to continue to senior high school. More or less Japan just the same in Indonesia. Japanese school really concern about the children’s soft skill. While schooling, the student free to chose the extracurricular. The system is not really different with Indonesia but the quality is very very different.


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